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  1. Harley Davidson WJ Sport Engine in superb condition

    Year: 1921
    Engine: 600 cc

    Supernice and complete engine for a WJ 600cc Sport with magneto and carburettor. Price 4500€

    Price: €4,500.- View product

  2. Harley Davidson UH1300 year 1939 only 240 built of this rare model

    Year: 1939
    Engine: 1340 cc

    Harley Davidson UH1300 from 1939 very rare bike in superb restored condition. This bike was restored in the 80's with only using original parts. The UH has the original dutch registration papers. Price 38500€

    Price: €38,500.- View product

  3. Vespa Scooter 125cc from 1952 with finnisch papers

    Year: 1952
    Engine: 125 cc

    Vespa Scooter 1952 with papers from finland with at the moment a modern vespa motor inside with electric start . the old motor comes extra with the scooter but is in parts. Price 6950€

    Price: €6,950.- View product

  4. Triumph 1937 Model 2/1 250cc 1 cyl ohv

    Year: 1937
    Engine: 250 cc

    Designer Val Page came to Triumph from Ariel in 1932.  He designed an excellent range of motorcycles, Many parts of this model were interchangeable with those of the 350 and 500 cc models; Page was a sincere believer in rationalization...

    Price: €6,950.- View product

  5. Sparta 100cc 1936

    Year: 1936
    Engine: 100 cc

    Nice and early dutch built Sparta 100cc with Sachs engine the year is 1936. the sparta runs and drives good. Price 2250€

    Price: €2,250.- View product

  6. NSU Spezial Max 250cc OHV model 251OSB/55

    Year: 1956
    Engine: 250 cc

    NSU Max Spezial 251OSB/55 with a nice patina. This 250cc OHV NSU runs and drives and comes with the old dutch regestration papers. Price 3450€

    Price: €3,450.- View product



  1. Vespacar 400 fully restored with dutch registration 1959

    Year: 1959
    Engine: 400 cc

    This Vespa 400 from 1959 in in good running condition. The Vespa runs and drives good and has full dutch registration. Price 14500€

    Price: €14,500.- View product

  2. Goggomobil 250TS Coupe in perfect restored condition

    Year: 1967
    Engine: 250 cc

    This Goggomobil is restored and runs perfect the Goggo has german papers. Price 7450€

    Price: €7,450.- View product

  3. Citroen 2CV With German Fahrzeugbrief and historical H Kennzeichen 1984

    Year: 1984
    Engine: 600 cc

    Citroen 2CV model AZ-L variant A1 in nice restored condition runs and drives great. Price 8500€

    Price: €8,500.- View product

  4. Messerschmitt KR200 with dutch registration 1960

    Year: 1960
    Engine: 200 cc

    Messerschmidt KR200 from 1960, in good running condition.  price 21500 €

    Price: €21,500.- View product

  5. Triumph TRW 500 year 1950

    Year: 1950
    Engine: 500 cc

    Triumph TRW 500cc SV year 1950 in good running condition. The Triumph has dänisch papers. Price 5500€  

    Price: €5,500.- View product

  6. Harley Davidson Model B 350cc 1926 in beautifull old paint condition

    Year: 1927
    Engine: 350 cc

    Harley Davidson Model B in good running condition runs and drives very strong. This bike is a real beauty in his old paint. Price 16500€

    Price: €16,500.- View product

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