1. BMW 250cc 1956 model R26

    Year: 1956
    Engine: 250 cc

    BMW R26 nicely restored BMW 250cc onecilinder runs and drives perfect and comes with the original dutch registration papers. Price 6450€
    IMG_8381 IMG_8382 IMG_8385 IMG_8386 IMG_8387 IMG_8388 IMG_8389 IMG_8390 IMG_8391 IMG_8392 IMG_8393 IMG_8394 IMG_8395 IMG_8396 IMG_8398 IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8412 IMG_8413 IMG_8414 IMG_8415 IMG_8416 IMG_8417 IMG_8418 IMG_8419

    Price: €6,450.- View product More media Mail us

  2. Triumph 500cc Model H 1915 in first paint very rare first model

    Year: 1915
    Engine: 500 cc

    Triumph Model H 500cc first model superrare in fist paint. Price 13500€
    20160927_163126 20160927_163159 20160927_163242 20160927_163249 20160927_163300 20160927_163308 20160927_163323 20160927_163331 20160927_163340 20160927_163441 20160927_163447 20160927_163503 20160927_163513 20160927_163522 20160927_163535 20160927_163542

    Price: €13,500.- View product More media Mail us

  3. Zündapp KS600 ex german wehrmacht matching numbers 1941

    Year: 1941
    Engine: 600 cc

    matching numbers Zundapp KS600 project 1941 out of a dutch collection of armybikes. Price 11000€
    IMG_6393 IMG_6394 IMG_6395 IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6398 IMG_6399 IMG_6400 IMG_6403 IMG_6406 IMG_6460

    Price: €11,000.- View product More media Mail us

  4. BSA Victor B25T 1971

    Year: 1971
    Engine: 250 cc

    BSA Victor good running motorcross or trial or enduromachine with US importpapers. Price 4950€ .
    IMG_8032 IMG_8033 IMG_8034 IMG_8035 IMG_8036 IMG_8037 IMG_8038 IMG_8039 IMG_8040 IMG_8042 IMG_8043 IMG_8044 IMG_8045 IMG_8046 IMG_8047 IMG_8048 IMG_8049 IMG_8050 IMG_8051 IMG_8052 IMG_8053 IMG_8054 IMG_8055 IMG_8056 IMG_8057 IMG_8058 IMG_8059 IMG_8060 IMG_8061 BSA Victor B25T Trial   Enduro   Cross from 1971

    Price: €4,950.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  5. Messerschmitt KR200 with dutch registration 1960

    Year: 1960
    Engine: 200 cc

    Messerschmitt KR200 with dutch registration running and driving good . The metalwork was already done at some time but needs a new paintjob or leave it as it is. Price 27500€
    IMG_7927 IMG_7928 IMG_7929 IMG_7930 IMG_7931 IMG_7932 IMG_7935 IMG_7936 IMG_7939 IMG_7940 IMG_7941 IMG_7942 IMG_7943 IMG_7944 IMG_7945 IMG_7946 IMG_7947 IMG_7948 IMG_7949 IMG_7950 IMG_7951 IMG_7952 IMG_7953 IMG_7954 IMG_7955 Messerschmitt  KR200 from 1960

    Price: €27,500.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  6. BSA Model H 550cc flattanker

    Year: 1919
    Engine: 550 cc

    BSA Model H 550cc flattanker 1919 in good running condition. price 12950€

    View product Mail us

  7. New arrival  BMW 600cc  R60

    Engine: 600 cc

    New arrival BMW R60 in white , the BMW is a matching numbers bike . This BMW runs and drives perfect. Price 13950€

    Price: €13,900.- View product Mail us

  8. New arrival Zündapp 1939  K500 ex german wehrmacht

    Year: 1939
    Engine: 500 cc

    Zundapp K500 fully restored in 2013 . This Zundapp runs and drives perfect.  Price 14950€
    IMG_9893 IMG_9894 IMG_9895 IMG_9896 IMG_9897 IMG_9898 IMG_9899 IMG_9900 IMG_9901 IMG_9902 IMG_9903 IMG_9904 IMG_9905 IMG_9906 IMG_9907 IMG_9908 IMG_9909 IMG_9910 IMG_9911 IMG_9912 IMG_9913 IMG_9914 IMG_9915 IMG_9916 IMG_9917 IMG_9918 IMG_9919 IMG_9920 Zundapp K500 from 1939

    Price: €14,950.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  9. Zündapp DB250 Year 1938

    Year: 1938
    Engine: 250 cc

    This Rare survivor Zündapp DB250 is stil in its first paint it stood in a dutch museum for years. The bike is al original. engine does not turn is stuck from standing. Matching numbers. Price 4900€
    IMG_6821 IMG_6822 IMG_6823 IMG_6823 IMG_6824 IMG_6825 IMG_6826 IMG_6827 IMG_6828 IMG_6829 IMG_6830 IMG_6831 IMG_6832 IMG_6833 IMG_6834 IMG_6835 IMG_6836 IMG_6837 IMG_6839 IMG_6840 IMG_6841 IMG_6842 IMG_6843 IMG_6844 IMG_6845 IMG_6846 IMG_6847 IMG_6848 IMG_6849

    Price: €4,900.- View product More media Mail us

  10. Ariel NG 350 Touring de Luxe 1946

    Year: 1946
    Engine: 350 cc

    Ariel NG 350cc Touring deluxe delivered to the dutch government in 1946 very rare mode. This 1946 runs and drives perfect. Price 7950€
    IMG_7868 IMG_7869 IMG_7870 IMG_7871 IMG_7872 IMG_7873 IMG_7874 IMG_7875 IMG_7876 IMG_7877 IMG_7878 IMG_7879 IMG_7880 IMG_7881 IMG_7882 IMG_7883 IMG_7884 IMG_7885 IMG_7886 IMG_7889 IMG_7898 IMG_7899 IMG_7904 IMG_7906 IMG_7907 IMG_7908 IMG_7909 IMG_7910 IMG_7911 IMG_7912 IMG_7913 IMG_7914 IMG_7904 Ariel NG 350 Touring de Luxe from 1946

    Price: €7,950.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  11. Harley Davidson U1200 1947 with dutch registration

    Year: 1947
    Engine: 1200 cc

    Harley Davidson U1200 1947 in good running condition with dutch papers. This bike stood for the last 45 years we startet it up and it runs like it should. Price 27500€
    IMG_8203 IMG_8205 IMG_8207 IMG_8208 IMG_8209 IMG_8210 IMG_8211 IMG_8212 IMG_8213 IMG_8214 IMG_8215 IMG_8216 IMG_8217 IMG_8223 IMG_8224 IMG_8225 IMG_8226 IMG_8227 IMG_8229 IMG_8230 IMG_8231 IMG_8232 IMG_8233 IMG_8234 IMG_8235 IMG_8236 IMG_8237 IMG_8238 IMG_8239 IMG_8240 IMG_8241

    Price: €27,500.- View product More media Mail us

  12. Whizzer Ladiesmodel very rare fourstroke with snaredrive US made

    Year: 1948
    Engine: 138 cc

    Beautifull Whizzer ladiesmodel very rare with belgian papers. runs and drives good. Price 3250€
    IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8258 IMG_8259 IMG_8260 IMG_8261 IMG_8262 IMG_8263 IMG_8264 IMG_8265 IMG_8266 IMG_8267 IMG_8268 IMG_8269 IMG_8270 IMG_8271 IMG_8272 IMG_8273 IMG_8274 IMG_8275 IMG_8278 IMG_8280 IMG_8281 IMG_8282 IMG_8283 IMG_8284 IMG_8285 IMG_8286

    Price: €3,250.- View product More media Mail us

  13. Husqvarna 29SV from 1929

    Year: 1929
    Engine: 250 cc

    Husqvarna 29SV from sweden with Jap engine in nice and first paint condition. The primary chaincase needs a little work adapting it to fit. With the rare Bosch headlight and horn.  Price 5450€
    IMG_7097 IMG_7098 IMG_7101 IMG_7103 IMG_7104 IMG_7105 IMG_7106 IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7110 IMG_7111 IMG_7112 IMG_7113 IMG_7114 IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7118 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7127 IMG_7129 IMG_7130 IMG_7131 IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7134 IMG_7135 Husqvarna 29SV from 1929

    Price: €5,450.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  14. Harley Davidson WLC 750cc frrom 1942

    Year: 1942
    Engine: 750 cc

    Harley Davidson WLC with orginal dutch registration. The bike runs perfect and the bike has a beautifull patina. Price 14500€
    IMG_6872 IMG_6875 IMG_6880 IMG_6881 IMG_6882 IMG_6883 IMG_6884 IMG_6885 IMG_6886 IMG_6889 IMG_6890 IMG_6891 IMG_6892 IMG_6893 IMG_6894 IMG_6895 IMG_6896 IMG_6897 IMG_6898 IMG_6899 IMG_6900 IMG_6901 IMG_6902 IMG_6903 IMG_6908 IMG_6909 IMG_6910 IMG_6911 IMG_6912 IMG_6913 IMG_6914 IMG_6915 IMG_6916 Harley Davidson WLC 750cc from 1942

    Price: €14,500.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  15. Harley Davidson 1942 Liberator  750

    Year: 1942
    Engine: 750 cc

    Harley Davidson Liberator  750cc from 1942 in a perfect running condition . This Harley  750cc is an ex world war 2 bike. Price 14450€
    IMG_9528 IMG_9529 IMG_9530 IMG_9531 IMG_9532 IMG_9533 IMG_9534 IMG_9535 IMG_9536 IMG_9537 IMG_9538 IMG_9539 IMG_9540 IMG_9541 IMG_9542 IMG_9544 IMG_9545 IMG_9546 IMG_9547 IMG_9548 IMG_9549 IMG_9550 IMG_9551 IMG_9552 IMG_9553 IMG_9554 IMG_9555 Harley 1942 Wlc cold start For Sale

    Price: €14,450.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  16. Harley Davidson 750cc WLA 1943 Liberator

    Year: 1943
    Engine: 750 cc

    Harley Davidson Wla 750cc bouwjaar 1943 in good running condtion. This ex war horse is now in civil colours and would also make a great bike to built a WLA 750 in full army specs. Price 14450€
    IMG_3414 IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3417 IMG_3418 IMG_3419 IMG_3420 IMG_3421 IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3426 IMG_3427 IMG_3428 IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3431 IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3435 IMG_3438 IMG_3439 IMG_3440 IMG_3441 Harley Davidson 750cc WLA Liberator from 1943

    Price: €14,450.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  17. Peugeot P135 in first paint 1939

    Year: 1939
    Engine: 350 cc

    Peugeot P135 one of the most sportive peugeot bikes of those years the bike runs and drives and is stil in its first paint. Price 7950€
    IMG_3611 IMG_3613 IMG_3615 IMG_3616 IMG_3617 IMG_3618 IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3621 IMG_3622 IMG_3623 IMG_3624 IMG_3625 IMG_3626 IMG_3627 IMG_3628 IMG_3629 IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3632 IMG_3633 IMG_3634 IMG_3635 IMG_3636 IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3639 IMG_3640 IMG_3643 IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3648 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 Peugeot P135 in first paint from 1939

    Price: €7,950.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  18. Husqvarna V-Twin Model 180 year 1922

    Year: 1922
    Engine: 560 cc

    Husqvarna model 180 V-Twin very rare and earlty model . Price 12950€

    Price: €12,950.- View product Mail us

  19. Royal Enfield GT continental 1960

    Year: 1960
    Engine: 250 cc

    This Royal Enfield 250cc Gt continental just came in from sweden and wil make a great winterproject. Price 3450€
    IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8293 IMG_8294 IMG_8295 IMG_8296 IMG_8297 IMG_8299 IMG_8303 IMG_8304 IMG_8305 IMG_8306 IMG_8307 IMG_8308 IMG_8309 IMG_8310 IMG_8311 IMG_8314 IMG_8315 IMG_8316 IMG_8317 IMG_8318 IMG_8319 IMG_8320 IMG_8321

    Price: €3,450.- View product More media Mail us

  20. Terrot FLG 250cc in first paint 1932

    Year: 1932
    Engine: 250 cc

    Terrot FLG 250cc in first paint , the engine runs gearbox works. This bike is a beautifull bike to leave in this perfect patina condition. Price 4950€
    IMG_7034 IMG_7035 IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7040 IMG_7041 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7044 IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7049 IMG_7050 IMG_7051 IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7054 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7058 IMG_7059 IMG_7060 IMG_7061 IMG_7062 IMG_7064 IMG_7068 IMG_7070 IMG_7072 IMG_7082 IMG_7085 Terrot FLG 250cc from 1932

    Price: €4,950.- Bekijk video View product More media Mail us

  21. Indian Prince Project 1926

    Year: 1
    Engine: 350 cc

    Indian Prince project for sale , eventually we are also interested in buying the missing parts.

    View product Mail us

  22. Zundapp Z200 1929 nice winterproject

    Year: 1929
    Engine: 200 cc

    Zundapp Z200 rare bike offered for restotion the bike came from sweden. Price 3950€
    IMG_8095 IMG_8096 IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8099 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102 IMG_8103 IMG_8104 IMG_8105 IMG_8106 IMG_8107 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 IMG_8110 IMG_8111 IMG_8112

    Price: €3,950.- View product More media Mail us

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