Klassieke motorfietsen
  1. Rene Gillet 750cc V-Twin 1926 in fully restored condition with german Tuv and registration

    Bouwjaar: 1926
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    Rene Gillet 750cc V-Twin fully rebuilt and restored by a restoration specialist. The engine is rebuilt and the crankschaft is clocked out so the bike has no vibrations. This Rene Gillet has an Improved oilsystem so bigger ralleys and cruising at...
    Rene Gillet Oktober 2017 003 Rene Gillet Oktober 2017 005 Rene Gillet Oktober 2017 010 Rene Gillet Oktober 2017 012 Rene Gillet Oktober 2017 013

    Prijs: € 25.000,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  2. Douglas 1923 2¾hp 350cc 2 cyl sv

    Bouwjaar: 1923
    Motorinhoud: 350 cc

    Douglas 1923 2 3/4 HP in een mooi gerestaureerde staat. De Douglas loopt en schakelt goed. Prijs 12750€
    26-10-2016 1037 26-10-2016 1038 26-10-2016 1039 26-10-2016 1040 26-10-2016 1041 26-10-2016 1042 26-10-2016 1043 26-10-2016 1044 26-10-2016 1045 26-10-2016 1046 26-10-2016 1047 26-10-2016 1048 26-10-2016 1049 26-10-2016 1050 26-10-2016 1051 26-10-2016 1052 26-10-2016 1053 26-10-2016 1054 26-10-2016 1055 26-10-2016 1056 26-10-2016 1057 26-10-2016 1058 26-10-2016 1059 26-10-2016 1060 26-10-2016 1061 26-10-2016 1062 26-10-2016 1063 26-10-2016 1064 26-10-2016 1065 26-10-2016 1067 Douglas 2¾hp  350cc 2 cyl sv from 1923

    Prijs: € 12.750,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  3. Indian 101 Scout 600 SV V-Twin 1923

    Bouwjaar: 1923
    Motorinhoud: 600 cc

    Indian 101 Scout 600 sv V-Twin with finland papers. The Indian needs some work to get it running. Beautifull tank in first paint. Price 17950€
    IMG_9066 IMG_9067 IMG_9068 IMG_9069 IMG_9070 IMG_9071 IMG_9072 IMG_9073 IMG_9074 IMG_9075 IMG_9076 IMG_9077 IMG_9078 IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_9081 IMG_9082 IMG_9083 IMG_9084 IMG_9085 IMG_9086 IMG_9087 IMG_9088 IMG_9089 IMG_9090 IMG_9091 IMG_9092 IMG_9093 IMG_9094 IMG_9095 IMG_9096

    Prijs: € 17.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  4. DKW NZ350cc ex german wehrmacht year 1937 for restoration

    Bouwjaar: 1937
    Motorinhoud: 350 cc

    Nice project DKW NZ350cc for coming winter. Price 3950€
    IMG_0943 IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0946 IMG_0947 IMG_0948 IMG_0949 IMG_0950 IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0956 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0961 IMG_0962 IMG_0963 IMG_0964 IMG_0967 IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0972 IMG_0973

    Prijs: € 3.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  5. BSA Goldstar 500cc OHV 1939 ex Olympiashow model one of 6 built in gold colour

    Bouwjaar: 1939
    Motorinhoud: 500 cc

    BSA Goldstar 500cc OHV Year 1939 one of six built for the olympiashow in 1939 very rare bike out of a Belgian collection. The BSA is a real rare find and i never saw another for sale. Price 24950€
    IMG_0858 IMG_0859 IMG_0861 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_0869 IMG_0870 IMG_0871 IMG_0872 IMG_0873 IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0877 IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0885 IMG_0889 IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0896 IMG_0900 IMG_0908 IMG_0909 IMG_0910 IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0915 BSA Goldstar 500cc OHV from 1939

    Prijs: € 24.950,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  6. Vespa 1956 Faro Basso with papers finland

    Bouwjaar: 1956
    Motorinhoud: 125 cc

    Vespa 1956 Faro Basso 125cc very rare  good running older restoration. The Vespa runs and drives very wel. This is a real rare and hard to find scooter. ofcourse we can ship it worldwide and we can always trade in pre 1960 motorcycles. Price...
    IMG_0811 IMG_0823 IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827 IMG_0828 IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0831 IMG_0832 IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0835 IMG_0836 IMG_0837

    Prijs: € 8.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  7. BSA 350cc sidevalve 1931

    Bouwjaar: 1931
    Motorinhoud: 350 cc

    Straight from Finland BSA 350cc sidevalve 1931 nice project for coming winter. Price 2950€
    IMG_0552 IMG_0553 IMG_0557 IMG_0558 IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0561 IMG_0562 IMG_0563 IMG_0565 IMG_0566 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0571 IMG_0572 IMG_0573 IMG_0574 IMG_0575 IMG_0576 IMG_0577

    Prijs: € 2.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  8. Jawa Perak 250cc year 1953 with papers finland

    Bouwjaar: 1953
    Motorinhoud: 250 cc

    IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0609 IMG_0610 IMG_0611

    Prijs: € 4.750,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  9. BSA 600cc M33 bouwjaar 1951

    Bouwjaar: 1951
    Motorinhoud: 600 cc

    Very rare BSA 600cc M33 Year 1951 in good running condition. This BSA has the original dutch registration papers. Price 7950€
    IMG_0623 IMG_0624 IMG_0630 IMG_0631 IMG_0634 IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0637 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0645 IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0663 IMG_0664 IMG_0665

    Prijs: € 7.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  10. Terrot 1909 Motorette No2 264cc 1 cyl aiv

    Bouwjaar: 1909
    Motorinhoud: 264 cc

    Beautifull Terrot Motorette No2 in fully orginal condition. This bike came out of a Belgian collection. . Price 12950€
    IMG_3093 IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3098 IMG_3099 IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3103 IMG_3104 IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3113 IMG_3114 IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_3123 IMG_3124 IMG_3125 IMG_3126 IMG_3127 IMG_3128 IMG_3129 IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3132 IMG_3133 Terrot 1910 Motorette No2 264cc 1 cyl

    Prijs: € 12.950,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  11. Wanted original Enamel Signs 

    Wanted original enamel signs of motorcycles or oil or petrol or anything other automotive or motorcycle related til around 1945.

    Prijs: € 1.200,- Bekijk product Mail ons

  12. Nimbus 750cc Sport 1935

    Bouwjaar: 1934
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    Classic-nimbus-750cc-ohc-fourcilinder-in-line-for-sale-bhkhzbzgwi-supermax Classic-nimbus-750cc-ohc-fourcilinder-in-line-for-sale-qq6izeiqr2-supermax ProductBig Nimbus 750cc OHC fourcilinder in line from 1935

    Prijs: € 10.950,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  13. NSU 301T year 1928 in restored condition with german papers

    Bouwjaar: 1928
    Motorinhoud: 301 cc

    NSU 301T from 1928 beautifull and rare NSU flattanker in restored and good running condition. Price 12950€
    IMG_9452 IMG_9453 IMG_9455 IMG_9456 IMG_9457 IMG_9458 IMG_9459 IMG_9460 IMG_9461 IMG_9462 IMG_9463 IMG_9464 IMG_9465 IMG_9466 IMG_9467 IMG_9468 IMG_9469 IMG_9470 IMG_9471 IMG_9475 IMG_9477 IMG_9478 IMG_9479 IMG_9480 IMG_9481 IMG_9482 IMG_9483 IMG_9484 IMG_9485 IMG_9486 IMG_9487 IMG_9488 IMG_9489 IMG_9490 IMG_9491 IMG_9492 IMG_9493 IMG_9494 IMG_9495 IMG_9496 IMG_9497 NSU 301T Flattanker from 1928

    Prijs: € 12.950,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  14. BSA 350cc Flattanker 1923 in super running condition

    Bouwjaar: 1923
    Motorinhoud: 350 cc

    BSA 350cc Flattanker year 1923 in good running condition. This BSA comes out of an old UK collection. Price 12450€
    BSA Model L 350cc from 1923

    Prijs: € 12.450,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  15. BSA WM20 500cc 1942 ex world war 2 bike

    Bouwjaar: 1942
    Motorinhoud: 500 cc

    BSA WM20 500cc ex second world war bike with good WM20 numbers stood in a collection for many years and needs starting up. Price 6950€
    IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0497 IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0500 IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0505 IMG_0507

    Prijs: € 6.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  16. Ariel WNG ex RAF 1944 350cc OHV nice project

    Bouwjaar: 1944
    Motorinhoud: 350 cc

    Nice Ariel WNG 350cc OHV ex RAF in solid shape for restoration. Those RAF WNG had engine nr prefix RBH. The Ariel engine turns over. Price 6950€
    IMG_6028 IMG_6029 IMG_6030 IMG_6031 IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6034 IMG_6035 IMG_6036 IMG_6037 IMG_6038 IMG_6039 IMG_6040

    Prijs: € 6.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  17. Indian Sport Scout 750cc 1939

    Bouwjaar: 1939
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    Indian Sport scout 750cc year 1939 in perfect restored condition this bike runs and drives like new with loads of power. The Indian comes with dutch registration papers. Price 33500€
    IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0305 IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0313 IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0320 IMG_0321 IMG_0322 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0328 IMG_0329 IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0332 IMG_0333 IMG_0334 IMG_0335 IMG_0336 IMG_0337 IMG_0338

    Prijs: € 33.500,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  18. Indian Big Chief 1944 with original Indian Sidecar beatifull combination

    Bouwjaar: 1944
    Motorinhoud: 1200 cc

    Indian Big Chief 1200 out of the famous Beckers collection here in holland. This Indian was restored to this imaculate condition and runs and drives very strong. The Indian has dutch registration papers. Price 46500€
    IMG_8800 IMG_8801 IMG_8802 IMG_8803 IMG_8804 IMG_8805 IMG_8806 IMG_8807 IMG_8808 IMG_8809 IMG_8810 IMG_8811 IMG_8812 IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8815 IMG_8816 IMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8819 IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8822 IMG_8823 IMG_8824 IMG_8825 IMG_8826 IMG_8827 IMG_8828 IMG_8829 IMG_8831 IMG_8832 IMG_8833 IMG_8834 IMG_8835 IMG_8836 IMG_8837 IMG_8838 IMG_8839 IMG_8840 Indian Big Chief 1200cc from 1944

    Prijs: € 46.500,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  19. BSA 500cc Twin model A7 year 1956 in beautifull condition

    Bouwjaar: 1956
    Motorinhoud: 500 cc

    BSA 500cc A7 Twin in fully restored and perfect running condition. The BSA starts at first kick and runs and drives perfect. This bike was restored with a lot of tender love and care. with dutch registration. Price 7450€
    IMG_0511 IMG_0513 IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0521 IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0525 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0532 IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0541 IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0546 IMG_0547 IMG_0548 IMG_0549 BSA 500cc Twin model A7 from 1956

    Prijs: € 7.450,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

  20. DKW KM200 ex german wehrmacht machine 1936

    Bouwjaar: 1936
    Motorinhoud: 200 cc

    DKW KM200 ex germach wehrmacht machine offered for restoration. Price 2250€
    IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0454 IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0458 IMG_0459 IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466

    Prijs: € 2.250,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons

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