Klassieke motorfietsen
  1. FN 285cc 1912 with shaftdrive very rare and early belgian machine

    Bouwjaar: 1912
    Motorinhoud: 285 cc

    FN 285cc in first paint real rare and early shaftdriven machine in a real good kept condition . Price 16950€
    DSC06678 DSC06679 DSC06680 DSC06681 DSC06682 DSC06683 DSC06684 DSC06685 DSC06686 DSC06687 DSC06688 DSC06689 DSC06690 DSC06691 DSC06692 DSC06693 DSC06694 DSC06695 DSC06696 DSC06697 DSC06698 DSC06699 DSC06700 DSC06701 DSC06702 DSC06703 DSC06704 DSC06705 DSC06706 DSC06707 DSC06708 DSC06709 DSC06710 DSC06711 DSC06712 DSC06713 DSC06715

    Prijs: € 16.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  2. BMW R50 year 1961 matching numbers dutch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1961
    Motorinhoud: 500 cc

    Beautiful restored BMW R50 with matching numbers and dutch registration papers. The BMW R50 runs and drives great. Price 11450€
    IMG_20200615_095058 IMG_20200615_095104 IMG_20200615_095107 IMG_20200615_095119 IMG_20200615_095130 IMG_20200615_095135 IMG_20200615_095142 IMG_20200615_095158 IMG_20200615_095244 IMG_20200615_095303 IMG_20200615_095305 IMG_20200615_095309 IMG_20200615_095317

    Prijs: € 11.450,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  3. Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide Early Shovel 1969

    Bouwjaar: 1969
    Motorinhoud: 1200 cc

    This Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide was fully restored some years ago also it got an improved oilpump and a better carburettor. the origina carburettor is included. The bike is a great runner and an ideal classic tourer. The FLH has dutch...
    DSC08901 DSC08893 DSC08894 DSC08895 DSC08896 DSC08897 DSC08898 DSC08899 DSC08900 DSC08901 DSC08902 DSC08903 DSC08904 DSC08905 DSC08906 DSC08907 DSC08908 DSC08910 DSC08911 DSC08912 DSC08913 DSC08914 DSC08915 DSC08916 DSC08917 DSC08918 DSC08919 DSC08920 DSC08921 DSC08922 DSC08923 DSC08924 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide Early Shovel 1969

    Prijs: € 17.950,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  4. Jawa 350cc model 360 year 1974 with dutch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1974
    Motorinhoud: 350 cc

    DSC09700 DSC09701 DSC09702 DSC09703 DSC09704 DSC09705 DSC09706 DSC09707 DSC09708 DSC09709 DSC09710 DSC09711 DSC09712 DSC09713 DSC09714 DSC09715 DSC09716 DSC09717 DSC09718 DSC09719 DSC09721 DSC09722 DSC09723 DSC09724 DSC09727 DSC09728 DSC09729 DSC09730 DSC09731

    Prijs: € 3.450,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  5. BSA A50 Twin 1962 with dutch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1962
    Motorinhoud: 500 cc

    DSC09687 DSC09688 DSC09689 DSC09690 DSC09691 DSC09692 DSC09693 DSC09694 DSC09695 DSC09696 DSC09697 IMG_20200527_104643 IMG_20200527_104707 IMG_20200527_104653 IMG_20200527_104430 IMG_20200527_104702 IMG_20200527_104713

    Prijs: € 5.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  6. Terrot HST 350cc 1929 in fully restored and running condition with dutch papers

    Bouwjaar: 1929
    Motorinhoud: 350 cc

    Terrot HST 350cc sidevalve runs great and did a lot of vmc rallies in holland. the bike has dutch registration papers. Price 6450€
    DSC07305 DSC07308 DSC07311 DSC07313 DSC07318 DSC07325 DSC07326 DSC07327 DSC07328 DSC07323 DSC07324 DSC07335 DSC07336 DSC07326 DSC07350 DSC07348 20200608_222718 20200608_222642 Terrot HST 350cc from 1929

    Prijs: € 6.450,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  7. Nimbus 750cc OHC Fourcilinder 1949 Model C with danisch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1949
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    Nimbus 750cc a great runner straight from a Nimbus enthiousast in danmark. This Nimbus has had the engine rebuilt by the nimbus specialist. Price 8750€
    20200407_145431 20200407_145432 20200407_145434 20200407_145437 20200407_145439 20200407_145441 20200407_145445 20200407_145447 20200407_145449 20200407_145502 20200407_145506 20200407_145508 20200407_145550 20200407_150035

    Prijs: € 8.750,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  8. Nimbus 750cc four-cylinder 1950 in beautifull restored condition

    Bouwjaar: 1950
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    Nimbus 750cc four-cylinder with Dänisch registration papers.The nimbus runs and drives great. Price 7990€
    IMG_5553 IMG_5554 IMG_5555 IMG_5556 IMG_5557 IMG_5558 IMG_5559 IMG_5560 IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5567 IMG_5569 IMG_5570 IMG_5571 IMG_5572 IMG_5573 IMG_5574 IMG_5575 IMG_5576 IMG_5577 IMG_5578 Nimbus 750cc fourcilinder with Dänisch registration papers 1950 Nimbus 750cc OHC fourcilinder 1950

    Prijs: € 7.990,- Bekijk video Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  9. Harley Davidson 1939 U1200 with dutch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1939
    Motorinhoud: 1200 cc

    Harley Davidson U1200cc with Correct enginenumber and with dutch registration papers. The Harley Davidson U1200 from 1939 is a good runner. Price 31950€
    DSC09657 DSC09658 DSC09659 DSC09660 DSC09661 DSC09662 DSC09663 DSC09664 DSC09665 DSC09666 DSC09667 DSC09668 DSC09669 DSC09670 DSC09671 DSC09672 DSC09673 DSC09674 DSC09675 DSC09676 DSC09677 20200603_120604 20200603_112648[1]

    Prijs: € 31.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  10. Nimbus 750cc Luksus 1939 with dutch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1939
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    Nimbus 750cc fourcilinder OHC Luksus with dutch registration papers realy nice running bike. The Nimbus is a Matching numbers bike. Price 11450€
    DSC09636 DSC09637 DSC09638 DSC09639 DSC09640 DSC09641 DSC09642 DSC09643 DSC09644 DSC09645 DSC09646 DSC09647 DSC09648 DSC09649 DSC09650 DSC09651 DSC09652 DSC09654

    Prijs: € 11.450,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  11. BMW R27 250cc matching numbers

    Motorinhoud: 250 cc

    BMW R27 250cc over head valve mono runs and drives with registration papers. Price 5950€
    DSC09594 DSC09595 DSC09596 DSC09597 DSC09598 DSC09599 DSC09600 DSC09601 DSC09602 DSC09603 DSC09605 DSC09606 DSC09607 DSC09608 DSC09609 DSC09610 DSC09611 DSC09612 DSC09613 DSC09614 DSC09615 DSC09617 DSC09619 DSC09620 DSC09621 DSC09626 DSC09627 DSC09628 DSC09629 DSC09630 DSC09631 DSC09633

    Prijs: € 5.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  12. BMW R50 matching numbers 1964 with dutch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1964
    Motorinhoud: 500 cc

    Beautiful restored BMW R50 with matching numbers and original dutch registration papers. Price 10950€
    DSC09543 DSC09544 DSC09545 DSC09547 DSC09548 DSC09549 DSC09550 DSC09551 DSC09552 DSC09553 DSC09554 DSC09555 DSC09556 DSC09557 DSC09558 DSC09559 DSC09560 DSC09561 DSC09562 DSC09563 DSC09564 DSC09566 DSC09567 DSC09568 DSC09569 DSC09570 DSC09571 DSC09572 DSC09573 DSC09574 DSC09575 DSC09576

    Prijs: € 10.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  13. Nimbus 750cc 1939 with dutch registration papers runs great

    Bouwjaar: 1939
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    DSC09448 DSC09449 DSC09450 DSC09451 DSC09453 DSC09454 DSC09456 DSC09457 DSC09458 DSC09459 DSC09460 DSC09461 DSC09464 DSC09465 DSC09466 DSC09467 DSC09468 DSC09471 DSC09472 DSC09473 DSC09474 DSC09475 DSC09476 DSC09478 DSC09479 DSC09480 DSC09481 DSC09452

    Prijs: € 11.450,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  14. Benelli 250cc OHC 1935 with belgian registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1935
    Motorinhoud: 250 cc

    Benelli 250cc OHC 1935 out of collection with good compression and gears go needs starting up. Price 12450€
    20200525_112544 20200525_112551 20200525_112553 20200525_112556 20200525_112558 20200525_112600 20200525_112614 20200525_112620 20200525_112622 20200525_112628 20200525_112631 20200525_112636 20200525_112645 20200525_112700 20200525_112708 20200525_112710 20200525_112712 20200525_112716 20200525_112723 20200525_112729 20200525_112733

    Prijs: € 12.450,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  15. BMW R27 project for restoration

    Motorinhoud: 250 cc

    DSC09421 DSC09422 DSC09423 DSC09424 DSC09425 DSC09426 DSC09427 DSC09428 DSC09429 DSC09430 DSC09431 DSC09432 DSC09433 DSC09434 DSC09435 DSC09436 DSC09437 DSC09438 DSC09439 DSC09440 DSC09441 DSC09442 DSC09443 DSC09444 DSC09445 DSC09446

    Prijs: € 4.750,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  16. Moto Guzzi GTV500 cc OHV 1948

    Bouwjaar: 1948
    Motorinhoud: 500 cc

    20200525_112131 20200525_112139 20200525_112142 20200525_112144 20200525_112146 20200525_112202 20200525_112205 20200525_112212 20200525_112215 20200525_112219 20200525_112320 20200525_112322 20200525_112326 20200525_112335 20200525_112337 20200525_112340 20200525_112342 20200525_112344 20200525_112346 20200525_112348 20200525_112352 20200525_112356 20200525_112359 20200525_112402 20200525_112405 20200525_112409

    Prijs: € 12.500,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  17. New arrival Simca 6 Fourgonette van 1950 in first paint with french papers

    Bouwjaar: 1950

    This realy nice French Simca 6 is a real rare car , specially built as a delivery van. in the back you could fit about 150 french baguettes. This car has a real nice appearance with french papers stil in first paint. not many of these littel vans...
    20200522_151430 20200522_151445 20200522_151508 20200522_151512 20200522_151517 20200522_151524 20200522_151526 20200522_151552 20200522_151426 IMG-20200522-WA0049 IMG-20200522-WA0050 IMG-20200522-WA0051 IMG-20200522-WA0056 IMG-20200522-WA0051

    Prijs: € 5.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  18. Harley Davidson Servicar 750cc 1945

    Bouwjaar: 1945
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    20200227_113230 20200227_113233 20200227_113238 20200227_113308 20200227_113312 20200227_113314 20200227_113316 20200227_113319 20200227_113323 20200227_113325 20200227_113333 20200227_113336 20200227_113342

    Prijs: € 17.500,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  19. Harley Davidson WLC 750cc 1942 with dutch registration papers

    Bouwjaar: 1942
    Motorinhoud: 750 cc

    20200516_115124 20200516_115128 20200516_115136 20200516_115241 20200516_115245 20200516_115250 20200516_115308 20200516_115310 20200516_115312 20200516_115315 20200516_115316 20200516_115318 20200516_115319 20200516_115324 20200516_115149

    Prijs: € 15.950,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


  20. Moto Guzzi 1000SP 1978 met watsonian two seater sidecar

    Bouwjaar: 1978
    Motorinhoud: 1000 cc

    Moto Guzzi 1000SP 1978 with two seater watsonian sidecar and dutch registration papers. Price 5750€
    DSC09274 DSC09275 DSC09276 DSC09277 DSC09278 DSC09279 DSC09280 DSC09281 DSC09282 DSC09283 DSC09284

    Prijs: € 5.750,- Bekijk product Meer media Mail ons


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